Arlene S. Kaplan is founder and president of ASK Advisory Group, LLC, a dynamic educational, training, and professional development company. Calling upon her personal life wisdom garnered from the school-of-hard-knocks, and her professional experience on Wall St., Arlene is the architect/leader of a diverse range of life-changing programs that provide a holistic approach to career achievement, leadership, personal life satisfaction and financial empowerment. Clients who have worked with Arlene report that they gain new perspectives and processes that enable them to move responsibly and confidently forward knowing that their future rests with them. Arlene has been described as passionate, compassionate, insightful, persistent, candid, and visionary.

Calling upon her Wall St. experience, her passion for the financial markets and her expertise in investment management and portfolio strategy, Arlene's
Wealth Builder Workshops ( ) educate  about investing in the financial markets and help  people master their relationship with money and wealth. Arlene works with  people to re-create their money personalities and gain confidence in how they relate to money, as well as guiding them through the various financial stages of their lives. Arlene has the unique ability to simplify complex financial concepts and demystify the process of investing, enabling her students feel confident to act on their own behalf and take responsibility for their own financial affairs.

Arlene has a BA in sociology from Penn State University and an MBA in finance from Adelphi University. She is a member of the Graduate School of Coaching and is licensed to deliver many coaching programs and perspectives. Arlene is a graduate and President's Club member of the Sandler Sales Training Institute.

Arlene is devoted to philanthropy. As a past chair of the Penn State University Alumni Association Budget & Finance
committee  and Executive Board member, she was recognized for her outstanding work in helping the Alumni Association examine and improve its fiscal and investment management.  Arlene has also been a member of the PSUAA Investment  Subcommittee. Arlene is a founder, past president and board member of the Penn State Professional Women's Network of NY. Community activism (former President of her civic association), advocate for women's advancement, volunteer for a number of causes to fight disease, all demonstrate Arlene's desire to make a difference. She is a frequent keynote speaker and guest lecturer on a variety of topics.

Fully cherishing life, Arlene embraces the philosophy that it can't hurt to try anything (well, almost anything) once! On a typical day, she can be found engaging in any number of pursuits including: trying to figure out the stock market, meditation, reading (mostly nonfiction personal and professional development and inspiring biographies), singing, watching sports, particularly Penn State Football and college basketball, fitness, experiencing nature, as well as sharing special moments with family, friends, and colleagues.

Arlene S. Kaplan